Let’s use our economic power against Putin’s blackmail attempts. The EU must set a common maximum price for buying Russian gas.
Manfred WEBER EPP PresidentMEP

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The winter

of solidarity

The answer 
is more Europe! 

We are faced with the rising cost of energy, as a direct result of Russia's violent and illegal invasion of Ukraine and the weaponization of energy supplies by Putin.
To tackle this great challenge, we need to act fast and to act in unity. We have seen that the EU can be bold when faced with a crisis. It is time to prove it once more.

The EPP has a clear vision and roadmap on how we can support Europeans in the winter months ahead.

We need a Winter of Solidarity.

And to achieve it, we need to be

This winter must be #PoweredByUnity
EU must be #PoweredByUnity

Europe will not be

blackmailed by tyrants


Europe must be #PoweredByUnity

Our proposals

The time to act

is now

What do you think?
Share with us your experiences and opinions about the energy crisis!